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Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado and the most populated city in the state with around 711,000 residents. The city has a nickname of “the Mile High City” as it is located one mile above sea level. If you are a “foodie”, you’ll love living in or visiting Denver. Restaurants and breweries in the area have received numerous food and beverage awards. The city has quickly become a dining destination for those who love great dining experiences and delicious food choices. There are a variety of fine dining options, international cuisine choices, and food festivals throughout the year.

Denver also has a wide range of things to do for everyone. Whether you have been hiking, biking, scenic sightseeing, or participating in other activities, you might be working up an appetite. Alvin’s Hot Sauce offers delicious and flavorful red, yellow, & Scotch Bonnet pepper sauces to help you boost the flavor of your meals.

Get Your Red & Yellow Pepper Hot Sauces!

If you like to add spice and flavor to your meals, try Alvin’s Hot Sauce! Made with the freshest ingredients including a blend of fruit, peppers, and spices, the team at Alvin’s Hot Sauce works hard to create outstanding hot sauces. We take pride in our hot sauces and work with local farmers and growers to be sure our hot sauces have a nice balance of heat in each bite. Whether you are looking for red pepper, yellow pepper, or Scotch Bonnet pepper sauces, choose Alvin’s Hot Sauce! Give us a call today to place your next order!