5 Tips To Build Your Hot Sauce Tolerance

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November 3, 2021

It’s always nice to be able to experience food from all over the world. 

But if you’ve got a low tolerance for hot, spicy food, some dishes might be a problem for you. 

It is absolutely frustrating to want to eat something so bad but know that you just can’t take the heat! 

Want to expand your palate and easily enjoy food with hot sauce? 

We’ve got you! 

Try these tips to increase your tolerance.

1. Start Small

 Begin by putting just a little hot sauce (literally a drop) on some of your favorite foods. Start small and gradually, you will become used to the flavor & heat and can take it up. 

2. Try to repeatedly expose yourself to foods that contain hot sauce 

There’s no way around it. To become more tolerant of spicy food, you’ve got to eat more of it. 

Doing this repeatedly will change your pain receptors and make it easier for you to tolerate capsaicin, the active component in chili peppers. 

3. Use the right refrigerants

 Make sure you have the right “coolants” like milk or coconut water to ease any painful sensation you may experience from the chili pepper. 

It is very effective and it will allow you to continue your meal without a hitch.

Warning: Never ever try carbonated drinks with hot sauce if you’re trying to build up your tolerance! 

4. Slow down

When you eat hot sauce, slow down. By slowing down the rate at which you eat, you can maintain a more tolerable amount of capsaicin and better enjoy your meal. 

5. Increase the Hot Sauce

When you’ve done the first four and you have that down, it’s time to increase the amount of hot sauce you eat.

Don’t rush the process. Pace yourself.

Once you get used to a particular amount of hot sauce, increase it. 

And that’s how you build your hot sauce tolerance.

If you follow these tips, in no time, you will become a big fan of spicy and hot dishes!